Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our New Addition!

We have added a new member to our family! It's a girl--Tea-C--a micro mini pig! We even had a piggy shower where friends and family brought lots of toys for her to play with. She has the run of our office where her bed, water bowl, toys, and litter box are kept. Yes, she is litter trained! We have a gate in the door where she can see us, but not get out (she has to be confined in one area for several weeks). She loves people and the day of the shower we let 2-3 people at a time into the office where hubby Jack was with her. They sat on the floor and she crawled into their laps so they could pet her. A fun time was had by all!

more ornaments for the pig Christmas tree

I even got a pig towel from Lannie plus 5 new pig ornaments for my pig Christmas tree