Saturday, November 17, 2012

More pictures of the backyard and patio

 We have a lovely minneola citrus tree. The fruit is just now starting to ripen. I have planted impatiens in front and to the side of the boy and girl statues. 
We brought our two espallier apple trees from the other house at the wrong time of the year to transplant but they made it thank goodness. Different color petunas are planted all across the back.
Another picture of our the left of the fountain on the back wall I have started training red bougainvillea in an espallier shape 
I guess you realize by now that I really love the backyard and working with flowers. Hubby and I spend a lot of time drinking coffee and reading out there. Here are more pictures...hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

back yard and patio

Thought you would like to see our backyard and patio..we have a lot of work to do to get it the way we want it.. it just takes time. Jack has planted a  very small vegetable garden..tomatoes, onions and burp less cucumbers. I have edged the front with nasturtiums. Not only are they pretty but are great in salads as well as cut flowers


As you come in the gate to the right is our front door. Across from it is our girl we brought with us from the other house. I planted the two large urns with decorative Kale.  The large spikes in the back ground are perennials, in the spring they produce white flowers.

another shot of the urn

Picture of the patio with figures brought from the other house..impatience planted along the front and  the side of the brick patio

 The fountain was given to us by our dear friends Bob and Claude Merritt. We have a spotlight we turn on at night that illuminates the ferns and flowers as well as the fountain, When I enter my bedroom that is the first thing I see through the window.Sigh!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

making a terrarium

This large terrarium is in my office I had the glass piece in the other house full of wine bottle corks.
You need to keep your terrarium out of direct sunlight.This large cylinder jar is on the coffee table in the living room
This little cutie is in my bathroom I have the nest with eggs in it and also some small shells to add interest...that is what is so great about this project you can add figures, bridges,birds, even butterflys.
Now that we are not having classes, the Decoupage Garage group likes to get together about every two months or so,. we have lunch and work on different projects. The group wanted to see my patio home so I decided on the project for the group, terrariums...I have three different sizes and shapes..One in my office, one in the master bath and one in the living room on the coffee table.Love them and sooooo easy to care for.You need rocks in the bottom for draining then potting soil about 3-4"depending on the size of your terrarium. Different size plants some short others tall add interest. I had bought small birds nests and packages of tiny eggs to share with the gals. Each person brought their own glass container. Denise brought small cactus plants she used in her bowl. Karen had a just right container she had purchased at TJ Maxx some time ago. Donna added plastic mushrooms to her arrangement that just made it.When everyone was satisfied with their terrarium..we added about a half a cup of water and put the lid on. That is all you have to do...with the lid on it waters itself. There are more instructions you can see online.