Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elizabeth's Studio: Awesome Technique

Elizabeth's Studio: Awesome Technique: "I don't know how many of you are familiar with the women's only Ning artist site but if you aren't you should go over..."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create blog party!

Welcome to my studio/garage where I create, teach, design, and hang out most of the time. The garage is heated and has air conditioning which is a must here in Scottsdale Arizona. Here are some pictures you might like to see that will give you an idea of what my students have done in class. By the way, every time, when I go online every morning, there are 6-8 hits about classes. Because of this I have started a new concept for people who can not take my classes..It is called DECOUPAGE CLASS IN A BOX. You can order from me or on Etsy. It has all the prints and most of the supplies you will need to finish your project for yourself, or to give as gifts or to sell.

More examples of projects
This little table was done in my 18th century prints. The legs and apron around the top was painted antique white then spattered with orange shellac. Below this set of frames from Hobby Lobby were painted and around the edges faux French ribbon prints were added for interest. 18th century prints were used in the different size frames. A tassle, also from Hobby Lobby, was glued to the bottom.

One of the first projects students do are these faux  French wine tiles. They were put  together with a drawer pull, ribbon and a tassle again from Hobby Lobby. ( Gel Medium was used to adhere the ribbon to the back of the tiles )

Planter with repousse owl, door front done with casein and antiqued and another view of French table

Repousse Country French costume figure in a frame on paper. Faux ribbon around edge of frame

View'd optique or elevations some call this technique. Rose and butterfly in a shadowbox frame.

Why I like to work in my studio/garage because of the built-in cabinets  I can store lots of things.

Now you have an idea what decoupage is all about. If you would ask me questions please blog me and I will be happy to answer them...Vonda

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lunch and making a necklace

Two weeks ago Karen Valentine, came to our "Decoupage Garage Class" with the best looking necklace she had made. We all went MAD and bit ourselves. She was nice enough to say she would have a luncheon the next Wednesday at her lovely home and show us how to make our own. She gave us a list of supplies
we would need to purchase from the craft store plus we were to bring any old jewelry we might have.

I could not sleep the night before, waiting to see what everybody would come up with. Barbara from the Thursday class had made jewelry before so she joined us also. We sat around Karens dining room table..with jewels, rings, jewelry pliers, wires, beads etc. everywhere. Karen instructed us how to cut several 3 inch  long wires to bring the wire over and around the pliers and twist..then add a bead..then twist again. Everyone was twisting, turning, adding, making, finishing but me. For the life of me I could not get the hang of it. Finally Karen  took pity on me, bless her, and took over my mess and made "a silk purse out of a sow's ear" she is sooooo creative, I owe her big time (she is also making another one for me YEAH!!) Barbara showed us three different kinds of necklace she had made and that set the group the date has been set for next months luncheon at her home to learn how to do her clever necklace pieces . I think I will just go, take my dish for the luncheon and smile alot.

Monday, April 18, 2011

my new etsy shop

Wheeew, I finally did it ...with the help of Karen Valentine setting beside me for hours. She made me take notes (thank heavens) and do it several times. What am I talking about???? my etsy store called Vondas Handmade Things. Today I added three more things all by myself YEAH so for fun go to my etsy store and have a look. She also created my you Karen. Tomorrow, after class, we set up my Ebay shop.
Stay tuned for some big announcements I am about to make. I am so excited to share them with. In the meantime.

Kiss and Love, Vonda

Sunday, April 10, 2011

wedding invatation

I got a wedding invatation in  the mail two weeks ago. In thinking of what to give as a wedding present I came up with this idea. thought I would share it with you. I used one of my flower garland prints..Flower and Garland Mes Petets Bouquet #1 I have for sale. I had to enlarge the flower garland print to accommodate the size of the  invatation .I used three prints, cutting out pieces of the two prints, in a style we call elevations .I bought a shadow box at Hobby Lobby that had a beige fabric in the inside. I glued the invatation to the bottom inside and then glued the elevation flower garland around it. To finish it off I added faux French ribbon around the edge of the shadow box. To save you time and money you can simply cut out the wreath and use around the invatation.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

more masterbedroom pictures

This is the Settee in the corner of the bedroom. I used gold and silver leaf on the back and arms to add interest. The pad and pillow fabrics are from Peter Jones Department Store in London. I painted and antiqued the foot stool. The chair in the picture was my mother's.. I covered the seat and added the 
large fringe.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Sale on Prints

 With all this cold snowy winter weather I am sure you are stuck inside bummer. Start a new project..with that in mind I have put all my hand-colored prints on sale. All prints are $1.99 each. That's right all prints. This offer will be for a limited time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

master bedroom

This is my favorite room in the house. The headboard was finished in old textured blue casein rubbed through to the red base. Gold leaf was used on the molding. The canopy was edged in cut work place mats my dear mother-in -law gave me years ago. Now I could leave them in a drawer and bring them out maybe once or twice a year or as I did..,folded them cut them into and used them as an edge where I can see them and enjoy them every day.The lamps on each side of the bed were painted yellow when I got them at Goodwill. I painted them taupe antiqued them and added silver leaf that I oxidized. The lamp shades were covered with small silk check fabric and the middle front and back, were covered with French monkey fabric. Topand bottom of the shades were edged in trim to compliment the fabrics.Night stands I painted on the top and edges with faux marble..drawers and sides were done in oxidized silver leaf. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our french cottage bedroom

Thought you would like to see more of our LITTLE FRENCH COTTAGE Here is a picture of our master bedroom.