Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a wonderful week this has been. Tuesday was the decoupage garage group class. I was surprised early with a birthday party (Sunday is my birthday) Rou made her awesome chicken salad and a beauitiful carrot cake..with one candle on it thank goodness, Donna brought fresh fruit for all to enjoy and Karen make the dearest card that only Karen can do and every one signed it.Well that did it..I think my bladder is connected to my tear ducts because for the next few minutes they kept handing me Kleenex. To top it all off they all got together and bought the cutest pig chalk board you ever saw it's in my kitchen. I collect pigs and even have a special pig tree in the living room for Christmas. Melenda brought a beauitiful vase of flowers Denise brought birthday ballons and a dear china pig box with a baby pig inside. I am so blessed with this wonderful group of ladies the Lord sent to me.

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