Saturday, October 5, 2013


On the 21st of this month, hubby Jack and I will celebrate our 65th wedding anniversary. We
sat down last week and talked about how blessed our lives have been. Three children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
For over 35 years Jack and I have worked together, doing decorative finishes for Interior Designers and their clients. We opened a school called The American Academy Of Decorative Finishes. We have. taught many times in London, France, Italy and Canada. We also took students with us to do hands on work in a 16th chateau in Chinon in the Lorie Valley in France and an Italian Villa out of Florence Italy.

We have been fortunate we like working together and since retiring from doing walls, ceiling, furniture etc. we are together 24-7, that doesn't mean we don't give each other space. I am  a person who has to be busy doing something painting, decoupage, all the time which sometimes drives Jack crazy but he's smart enough to keep quiet and let me project.

Through the years of working and teaching, we have made many life long friends we both love and value very much. Thank you for letting me share this with you. Enough of this reminiscing, I have some new and exciting announcements to share with you in the near future. Keep tuned for coming attractions !!! God Bless, Vonda

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Carmen said...

Congratulations on your 65th wedding anniversary! That is awesome and not many people will ever be able to celebrate this. :-)