Saturday, September 11, 2010

the decoupage garage group

Dubbed the "Decoupage Garage Group" by Donna (my studio is in our large garage)  we decided to celebrate with a luncheon during class on Thursday..didn't get much work done. First, the return of Denise from Italy, bearing gifts for each and everyone. Second, for Karen V. going to the Creative Conection Convention in the Twin Cites, Minnesota. The food was devine,,Rou brought her infamous broccoli salad, Karen brought chicken strips to go with it and wonderful fresh peaches, Donna brought strawberries with a cream cheese and something else in it as a dip. Brittany brought great cup cakes and her darling daughter just in time for lunch. I furnished the ice tea..ho ho. What a wonderful group this is..I teach them decoupage, they teach me friendship and love. Bless them all.


Lynn Richards said...

I'm thinking I live in the wrong state.
How much fun you all have together!!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I wish I was close enough to come! It sounds like so much fun and with such lovely people. I hope you will be posting their projects.(-: