Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Office

 Thought I would show you where I spend most of my time every day- my office. I did not need the closet space as much as I needed an alcove with a very comfortable chair. 

 The top of my desk was painted in black and white faux marble. All the woodwork was done by a former student..he did all the cabinets,book shelves and built in French cupboard bed (we had to bring all in through the double windows) Jack and I did the finishes.

We padded the walls around the built in bed (which is a twin bed by the way) Below are built in drawers and files to hold all my prints, notes for class etc.


The English Romantic said...

Hi Vonda,
What a great use of space. It looks really comfortable.I love the black and white.
Enjoy your day,

La Vie Quotidienne said...

This is really amazing...I knew that we had similar taste, but would you believe that my workroom is done in the same toile and checked fabric -albeit, not so charmingly. If you look at the post I did called, "All Taped Up" you can see the paint technique I used on the ceiling. Your room is lovely.(-: